Laurent Alis is a Seychellois fine art photographer who started his career with the launch of the guidebook “Seychelles Islands” in 2008. He is the founder and publisher of this marketing publication. 


His work captures the essence of nature, beauty, and its fragility and also highlights how much we should care for our environment. 


In 2017, he showcased his work for the first time in an exhibition through the Arterial Network Seychelles; the images were comprised of different landscapes of the archipelago.

In 2018, he curated the first fine art photography exhibit entitled “Framing Light” at the Eden Art Gallery on Eden Island, which feature the work of almost 30 photographers.


In July 2019, he launched his first solo exhibition “Submergé” at L’Alliance Française, which links the effect of climate change of the Arctic and Antarctica to the Seychelles islands.


Alis is currently working on future exhibitions to refine his vision and become more socially and environmentally conscious. His work is available in different outlets in Seychelles, such as art galleries, home decor stores, and souvenir shops around the islands.